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Runway & Taxiway Construction will continue into 2020

More openings, closures and construction updates on the construction project underway at the Scholes International Airport.

Runway 14/32 and Taxiway D:

Runway 14/32 and Taxiway D will open today before 6:00pm. The FAA will be on site tomorrow morning to activate the ILS and the MALSR approach lights to the runway. The markings on this runway are complete, except for the black border of the white runway markings located on the concrete at the approach end of Runway 14. This work will be completed later.

Runway 18/36 and Taxiway E Closure - Construction Zone as outlined in Blue:

Runway 18/36 will close Tuesday, December 17th at 6:00am through 4:00pm on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 (please see NOTAMs GLS 12/019 and GLS 12/020). The lights to the runway will be turned off during this time.

Approximately 70 yards of concrete work remains to be completed at Taxiway E, at the approach end of Runway 18. Taxiway A is closed to remove access to the approach end of Runway 36.

Barricade locations as shown in Red:

  • Taxiway A, west of the approach end of Runway 36

  • Taxiway E, at both the east and west ends of the taxiway

  • Runway 18/36 on the south side Runway 14/32 and the north side of Taxiway D

Weather has hampered completing the work on a timely bases and it is possible that work will continue into the first part of January 2020.

Remaining Work to be done:

  • Pavement striping at the North Apron and Taxiways D & E, and the black border at the approach end of Runway 14.

  • Pavement work on Taxiway C at the edge of Runway 18/36. This work will be completed once Taxiway E repairs are completed.

  • Concrete repairs at the Runway Intersection.

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