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The Scholes International Airport Advisory Committee was established by City Council in 1996. The Committee has no legislative or executive authority and only serves as an advisory committee.


The Airport Advisory Members shall have the following duties:


  • From time to time to make such general studies of airport construction and operations as may be useful in keeping the airport efficient and adequate to the needs of the City and of the air transportation industry;


  • Make recommendations to the City Council with respect to the construction, expansion, improvements, maintenance, and operation of the airport;


  • Make recommendations to the City Council concerning leases and permits;


  • Inform the City Manager of any failure by personnel of the airport to carry out any orders or policies adopted by the governing body; and


  • In an advisory capacity, work toward the general improvement of the airport and the advancement of the City as an air transportation center.


Committee meetings are held in the airport terminal conference room at 12:00 noon on the second Tuesday of every other month.



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