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May 23 Construction update ahead of Holiday weekend

Taxiway A is scheduled to be opened Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Current Construction Zone as outlined in yellow:

RAC is nearing completion of work between the two rows of hangars between the Jenkins/Gould Hangars and Hangar 28 and the Dibrell Gabriel hangars (see attached aerial photo, work area outlined in yellow). They plan to open this area up late afternoon on Friday, May 24th so everyone has access to their hangar/aircraft for the Memorial Day Holiday. Please use caution, there will be a few open areas in the concrete, which will be marked with lighted barricades.

RAC does have some minor patchwork that still needs to be completed in this area. Beginning next Tuesday, May 28th, we will be closing this area again to finish the patchwork that needs to be done. We expect this area to be opened again by May 31st.

Current Construction Zone as outlined in Red:

RAC plans to pour concrete tomorrow Friday, May 23rd starting around 6:00am (see attached aerial photo, work area outlined in red). Tenants affected by this construction are located in Stan Humphrey’s Hangar 17, Units 6 - 10 located on the North Side and Hangar 18, Units 1 & 3, located on the North Side. There are some areas that require small patchwork repairs done. RAC will start on the east end at work westward. As they finish the patchwork, they will open the ramp area. You can expect the areas in front of the hangars to start opening as early as June 3rd and completely open by June 7th.

During construction near your hangar, please do not drive your vehicle into the barricaded work zone.

We also recommend you keep your hangar door closed, to help reduce dust in your hangar.

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