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Construction project update

After a few delays on the construction project, there is a new timeline when some areas will be completed. All information below is subject to change due to weather conditions and equipment breakdowns.

Green Construction Zone as outlined in Green:

RAC has had many delays in this area, but did pour concrete on August 26th. Workers are currently making the small patch repairs to the concrete in this area. We anticipate this zone to be opened on September 3rd.

Tenants affected by this construction are located on the North side of the Cano Hangar 23, Units E4, E5 & E6, Hangar 24, Hangar 27, Units A5, A6, A7, & A8 and Tenants in GLS Hangar 28, Unit 9 & 10.

Red Construction Zone as outlined in Red:

Work on Taxiway E has also progressed much slower than scheduled. We anticipate work to be completed by September 13th.

Due to this closure, all aircraft needing Runway 18 full length are required to back taxi from Taxiway D.

Blue Construction Zone as outlined in Blue: -Close Out of North Apron Repairs:

Once the Green Zone is completed around September 3rd, it will be necessary for RAC to go back into all previous work areas and complete the seal joint work and applying taxiway striping between the hangars. We anticipate this work will be completed by September 13th.

During this time, you can expect to see workers beveling the concrete and installing the joint seals, which takes a few hours to complete in front of each hangar. Workers will do their best to give all aircraft the right-of-way, but you may experience some delays.

Once all joint seal work is completed, the paint contractor will finish by striping the taxiways between the hangar rows.

Once the Red and Blue Zones are completed, work will move to Taxiway E, west of Runway 18. Updates to follow.

During construction near your hangar, please do not drive your vehicle into the barricaded work zone. We also recommend you keep your hangar door closed, to help reduce dust in your hangar.

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