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September 16th Construction Update

Here's the latest on the construction project at Scholes International Airport.

All information below is subject to change due to weather conditions and equipment breakdowns.

Red Construction Zone as outlined in Red:

Work on Taxiway E continues to progress much slower than scheduled. Unfortunately, due to the lack of progress in the Red Zone by RAC and their subcontractors, we are requiring the joint seal and striping work to be completed in the Red Zone before moving back into the Blue Zone. The contractor is required to open this section before 8:00am on September 20th.

Due to this closure, all aircraft needing Runway 18 full length are required to back taxi from Taxiway D. Once the Red Zone is completed, this will eliminate the need to back taxiway from Taxiway D to use the full length of Runway 18.

Blue Construction Zone as outlined in Blue:

Some work in the Blue Zone has been completed.

Blue Zone work consists of joint seal work and applying taxiway striping between the hangars. We anticipate this work will now be completed by September 27th.

During this time, you can expect to see workers beveling the concrete and installing the joint seals, which takes a few hours to complete in front of each hangar. Workers will do their best to give all aircraft the right-of-way, but you may experience some delays. Once all joint seal work is completed, the paint contractor will finish by striping the taxiways between the hangar rows.

Green Construction Zone as outlined in Green:

Work on Taxiway E, between the two runways, started last week with surveying and marking the work needed. RAC is currently cutting and removing concrete panels (see photo below).

We anticipate work to be completed by November 7th.

Taxiway E Pavement Repairs

Runway 14/32 Closure:

Runway 14/32 will be closed starting Monday, September 23rd through Friday, September 27th to allow repairs to be made to the Approach Lighting System (ALS) pier.

During this time, the ALS and ILS approach to Runway 14 will be out of service.

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