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Construction update for November

Work has hit some delays due to weather, but there is a new timeline on construction happening at the Airport.

Runway 14/32 Closure - Construction Zone as outlined in Blue:

Runway 14/32 and Taxiway B at the approach end of Runway 32 remains closed through 5:00pm on Monday, December 2, 2019. The approach lighting system (ALS) and ILS approach to Runway 14 will be out of service, and the lights to the runway will be turned off.

Work will be done on concrete sections of both runway ends. While the runway is closed, RAC will also finish the south end of Taxiway B, located near the approach end of 32.

Barricade locations as marked in Red:

  • Taxiway A, east of the approach end of 36

  • Taxiway B, south of the South Ramp area

  • Taxiway D, west of Runway 18/36

  • Taxiway E, west of the approach end of Runway 18

  • Runway 14/32 on both sides of Runway 18/36

Runway Intersection Closure - Construction Zone as outlined in Green:

Starting Monday night, November 4th through Monday night, December 2nd, both runways will be closed nightly from 9:00pm to 6:00am. While closed, all runway, approach and PAPI lights will be turned off. Runway 18/36 will open each morning at 6:00am.

The airport will remain open for rotor wing aircraft only while both runways are open. Taxiway lights will remain on to assist rotor wing aircraft during night time operations. We request all rotor wing aircraft land north of Taxiway D to allow ample room for the contractors working at the intersection of the two runways.

Remaining Work to be done:

  • Concrete repairs at the Taxiway A & Runway 36

  • Asphalt repairs at Taxiway D and Runway 18/36 and between the Ramp and Runway 18/36.

  • Concrete repairs at the Taxiway E & Runway 36

  • Pavement striping at the North Apron, Taxiways A, D & E, and Runway 14/32 remains to be completed. Striping is expected to start Monday, November 4, 2019.

All information above is subject to change due to weather conditions and contractor equipment breakdowns.

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